Inspired by the premier espresso bars of Italy, Brew HaHa!'s series of unique cafes across the Brandywine Valley offer coffee lovers a boutique experience, where every drink is special and individualized attention is paid every step of the way. Our cafes are a marriage of Italian quality and down home Delaware Friendly. Each cafe is situated in a distinct neighborhood within Northern Delaware, and has its own individual look and feel. We delight in being a First State business, and in being named Best of Delaware 23 years in a row!



We are obsessed with coffee! At your local Brew Ha Ha! you can share our passion for the highest quality coffee, served by a friendly, expert staff in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.

We start with estate-grown coffees that represent the top 3% of specialty-grade coffee in the world. Our artisan roaster then narrows down the best of the best from small high-quality lots and expertly roasts them, highlighting the dramatic characteristics inherent in these fine coffees. We batch-roast each of our coffees to order, to make sure that it’s as fresh as it can be.

Brew Ha Ha! is an espresso-driven cafe, where baristas are trained to the highest standards and take pride in creating hand-crafted beverages. We use only top-of-the-line semi-automatic espresso equipment, because push-button automated espresso machines do not give the barista enough control to make a truly superior, authentic drink.  We are equally as passionate about our brewed coffees. 

At Brew Ha Ha! you're guaranteed remarkable coffee without pretention. Our accessible staff is here to help you find the drink that's perfect for you, whether you're a first-timer or one of our many regulars. There’s no need to worry if you’re confused about the variety of coffee drinks that we offer, or if you don’t know coffee jargon – we’re here to make you happy, not stressed out! And if you want to discuss the balanced acidity of our Guatemala Antigua, well, we can chat you up about that also. 



Best of Delaware

Thank you for voting us Best of Delaware for the 23rd year in a row!
Come try our award-winning coffees and espresso beverages.

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