The art of beautiful coffee is our obsession.  The daily rituals of sourcing, roasting, and preparing superior coffee for our friends in beautiful surroundings -- each of these steps become art when performed by passionate people who share the singular goal of coffee perfection.


Brandywine Coffee Roasters is the place where an obsessive group of barista-artists have come together to create coffee magic.  We made our bones creating and managing award-winning coffee houses in the Brandywine Valley region of Northern Delaware, investing years to master the finer details of grinding, brewing and serving a great cup of coffee, consistently, profitably, and by forging strong personal connections with our customers and our community. We apply this same careful attention to the details of sourcing the world’s best coffee, and hand roasting to bring out its truest flavors.


We’re lucky to be able create coffee art in a place we love, the Brandywine Valley, a timeless place of rolling hills and broad fields, dotted with ancient stone walls and Quaker meeting houses. The soul of this land – the Brandywine River -- twists and turns through the valley, its banks lined by sycamores, whose gnarly branches stretch upward against red-orange sunsets. It is a place that has inspired generations of artists, and that inspires us to celebrate the art of beautiful coffee.